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SSD Storage & PHP 7

We understand heavier web applications can sometimes perform slowly in the wrong environment. Each of our hosting plans include fast SSD storage and PHP 7, giving your website the best performance.

Daily Backups

Have you ever mistakenly deleted parts of your website? We'll automatically backup your account every day, plus you can create backups on demand. Backups can be managed from your hosting account.

Free SSL

With growing privacy concerns, SSL is becoming a must have for every website – there are even SEO benefits. We offer free one-click SSL certificates, your website can be running on HTTPS in seconds.

An introduction to Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP development framework, perfect for developers who want to speed up the process of building custom web applications. The framework follows the "MVC" pattern, giving a good separation of the different application layers. If you want to use a fresh framework with support for Composer autoloading and other modern PHP development techniques, this could be the one for you.

We offer web hosting plans from £2.99/month, complete with SSH access allowing you to use common developer tools such as Composer and Git. Just open a support ticket to have SSH enabled permanently for your account.

Friendly Community

Should you need help, Laravel has a large community of smart and friendly people ready to point you in the right direction. There's even Laracasts, a website dedicated to Laravel video tutorials.

Rapid Development

Laravel is designed with rapid development in mind, it's quick start developing your application and see results. Just install over SSH using Composer and away you go.

Artisan CLI

The framework includes a fantastic command line interface named "Artisan" for managing your installation. Features include generating skeleton files, running database migrations and more.

The best UK Laravel hosting, from £2.99/month.



Per month

  • 3 GB SSD Space

  • 30 GB Bandwidth

  • 3 Mailboxes

  • 256MB RAM

  • 1 Addon Domain

  • Daily Backups



Per month

  • 15 GB SSD Space

  • 150 GB Bandwidth

  • 15 Mailboxes

  • 512MB RAM

  • 5 Addon Domains

  • Daily Backups



Per month

  • 30 GB SSD Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Mailboxes

  • 1024MB RAM

  • 10 Addon Domains

  • Daily Backups

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Rated 5 stars

Nick Chubb

Industrial Designer

"Thanks for moving my site and cleaning up the hacking issue from my old hosting. I'll definitely be recommending you guys!"