UK Let's Encrypt hosting

Activate SSL on your website for free

100% Free

Let's Encrypt is a free SSL certificate authority, you'll no longer have to pay for SSL.

Auto Install

Your SSL certificate will be issued automatically, no more lengthy activation process.

Auto Renewal

Forget renewing each year. Let's Encrypt certificates renew automatically every 3 months.

What is Let's Encrypt?

Let's Encrypt is an SSL certificate authority with a difference. Their certificates are free and issuing a certificate is completely automated – this means easy installation and no more annual renewals.

We support this service for all of our customers. There are no additional costs, you can secure all of your domains for free.

Handling e-commerce payments

Do you run an online store or take payments on your website? If so, installing an SSL certificate for your website is a must. HTTPS increases visitor trust and ensures any payment details being submitted are securely encrypted.

With Kloudhost and Let's Encrypt, installing your SSL certificate costs nothing and is completely painless.

Security enhancements

If your website has a login system, this should be secured to protect your user's credentials. Additionally, any personal information being submitted to your website (for example through a contact form) should also be secured.

Running your website over HTTPS will also prevent "man-in-the-middle" attacks, stopping malicious parties from altering your website content between our servers and your visitors.

Improve search rankings

Back in 2014, Google announced they would begin using HTTPS as a ranking signal for their search engine. To take advantage of this and give your website the best chance of ranking, you should enable HTTPS across your entire website and redirect the plain HTTP version to HTTPS.

As SSL is free with Kloudhost, there's no reason not to give your website its best SEO chances.

The best UK Let's Encrypt hosting, from £2.99/month.



Per month

  • 3 GB SSD Space

  • 30 GB Bandwidth

  • 3 Mailboxes

  • 256MB RAM

  • 1 Addon Domain

  • Daily Backups



Per month

  • 15 GB SSD Space

  • 150 GB Bandwidth

  • 15 Mailboxes

  • 512MB RAM

  • 5 Addon Domains

  • Daily Backups



Per month

  • 30 GB SSD Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Mailboxes

  • 1024MB RAM

  • 10 Addon Domains

  • Daily Backups


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