Get paid to refer customers to us

Our referral scheme pays a flat fee for each new customer you refer to us, it's a great way to earn extra income.

Earn £30 per referral

One Payout Rate

Standard Payout


For each new customer referred.

The Rules

To begin using our affiliation scheme you must create an account (contact us if you aren't a customer). You can then login to our client area where you'll find your unique referral URL. This URL must be used by anybody you refer to us to ensure their purchase is registered against your account. For each visitor to your URL, we set a 3 month cookie which ensures any purchase within those months is registered against your account.

Each referral must be a new Kloudhost customer with no previous orders, payouts are only made for the customer's first order. Additionally, each referred customer must keep their service active with us for 3 months (with all invoices paid in full) before your payment is eligible to be paid out.

There is no minimum payout. Payouts can be made by PayPal or bank transfer (UK bank accounts only). We reserve the right to deny or delay payouts for any reason, for example if fraud is suspected. Additionally we may cancel your affiliation account if your referrals have an abnormally high rate of cancellation.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.